⇨ Warranty: 12 Months Free Of Cost

⇨ Capacity: 65 AH

With Old Battery : ₹.4124

     Without Old Battery : ₹.5124

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Factory charged and ready to use, Amaron Fresh car battery is equipped with reformulated Advanta paste recipe. With high cranking power and heat tolerance capacity, the batteries are perfect for cars that go through extreme weather conditions.

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Released on:28-02-2021
Warranty12 Months Free Of Cost


Longest life -12 Months Warranty. Maintenance Free - High heat technology, premium silver alloys (SILVEN X) for a low-corrosion and no top-ups experience. Factory Charged -Wet Shipped and ready to fit.

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Ambassador (P), Ambassador (Isuzu Mpfi/Grand/Avigo) (P)Atul Shakthi - Pick up van standard(D), Delievery Van (D), Pick up-Highdesk(D), Passenger Carrier (3+1 ,4+1, 6+1)(D), Chicken Carrier(D), Tipper (D), Water tank Carrier(D), Soft Drink Carrier (D), Atul GEM - Cargo/CargoXL(D), PAXX(D), Atul shakthi smart - Pick up van (D), CNG Passenger, 3+1 Passenger Carrier(D),1000, 1001, Mega Max (Diesel),Nandi - Super, Super Shakti, Power, Jaiho,Alfa, Champion,Chief-407 T, 711 T, 407 C, 711 C, 407 RE,Vikram - 450 D, 600 LPG, 600 G, 750 D, DAEWOO Dost Xpress, DAEWOO Xpress School,DAEWOO Dost (Strong, Lite, +, CNG),MAHINDRA Gio,MAHINDRA Maxximo,Farmtrac - Farmtrac 22 (22 HP),Farmtrac Atom 26 (26 HP),Farmtrac Steeltrac(12-18HP),Sonalika - Sonalika GT-20 (20 HP), Sonalika GT-22 (22 HP) Sonalika GT-26 (26 HP),Sonalika - Sonalika GT-20 (20 HP), Sonalika GT-22 (22 HP) Sonalika GT-26 (26 HP),KOMATSU PC1250/1250SP-8R,

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