⇨ Warranty: 24 Months(18 Months Free Of Cost + 6 Months Pro Rata)

⇨ Capacity: 80 AH

With Old Battery : ₹.5750

     Without Old Battery : ₹.6750

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With Amaron's technologically advanced zero-maintenance, long-lasting batteries, you can be sure that they will go the distance, and never let you down.

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Released on:07-03-2021
Warranty24 Months(18 Months Free Of Cost + 6 Months Pro Rata)


Battery Capacity- 80 Ah Warranty- 24 Months(18 Months Free Of Cost + 06 Months Pro Rata) Battery Layout- Right Layout

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Manufacturer's Description

ASHOK LEYLAND SunShin (D), ASHOK LEYLAND BOSS 913 TIPPER, ASHOK LEYLAND A1 BOSS 1413, ASHOK LEYLAND A1 BOSS 1213, ASHOK LEYLAND A1 BOSS 1113, ASHOK LEYLAND A1 BOSS 913, ASHOK LEYLAND Partner 4 Tyre - (10ft LB & 14ft LB) 12V, 6 Tyre - (11ft LB, 14ft LB, 17ft LB), ASHOK LEYLAND MITR School BusNon AC (3700 MM WB & 4270 MM WB), ASHOK LEYLAND MITR Staff Bus (3700 MM WB & 4270 MM WB), DAEWOO DYNA, DAEWOO CANTER, BHARAT BENZ Medium duty Trucks-BHARAT BENZ 914R, BHARAT BENZ 1214R E ,BHARAT BENZ 1217C, BHARAT BENZ 1014R, BHARAT BENZ 1214R, BHARAT BENZ 1414R, BHARAT BENZ Heavy duty haulage - BHARAT BENZ1617R, BHARAT BENZ TIPPER - 1217C,ACE FTC 5040, ACE MTC 3625/ACE MTC 2418, ACE Cranes, ACE TM 140, ACE 230, ACE 400, ACE 14XW, ACE 15XW, ACE 15XWF, ACE 18XW, ACE 20XW, ACE SX160,ACE Rhino 110 FC,ACE Tandom roller - ADD 35,BEML BE71, BEML BE75,BEML BH105E - 48V,ESCORTS Digmax,INDO FARM Indo Power 9,INDO FARM Indo Power 11,INDO FARM Indo Power 12 slotted, INDO FARM 12 standard, INDO FARM 12 AV,INDO FARM 14 Slotted,INDO FARM 14 Standard, INDO FARM 14 Standard2, INDO FARM 16, INDO FARM 20,

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