AAM-PR-600131087DIN100 ( 100AH ) AMARON AAM-PR-600131087 (DIN 100) 100AH

⇨ Warranty: 66 Months(36 Months Free Of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata)

⇨ Capacity: 100 AH

With Old Battery : ₹.16747

     Without Old Battery : ₹.17947

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Amaron PRO batteries are manufactured using world class technology under strict quality control. Technologically advanced, Amaron PRO batteries offer long life and a trouble-free 60 months warranty. Like the other Amaron batteries, Amaron PRO have patented BIC vents for enhanced safety and highest cranking power.

Product Information

Product Details
Model:AAM-PR-600131087 (DIN 100)
Released on:02-03-2021
Warranty66 Months(36 Months Free Of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata)


High Cranking Power Maintenance Free High Heat Tolerance Vibration Resistance Patented BIC vents for enhanced safety Long Life Highest Reserve Capacity Factory Charged - Ready to Use

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Manufacturer's Description

VOLVO XC 60 D5 Diesel 2013, Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 V6 TDI, Porsche Turbo, Porsche GT2, Porsche Cayenne UV, Porsche 911 Carrera, Mercedes Benz E Class E280 , Mercedes Benz C200 CDi Petrol, Mercedes-Benz C-Class Kompressor, Mercedes Benz C Class Petrol, Mercedes Benz M Class ML320 Diesel, Mercedes Benz New M Class ML 350 Petrol, Mercedes Benz GL Class 350 Diesel, Mercedes Benz C Class C250 CDI, Mercedes Benz S Class S500, Mercedes Benz E350 Cabriolet, Mercedes C Class C 200 CDI, Mercedes Benz S Class 350 Diesel, Mercedes Benz S Class S350 L Petrol, Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography, Land Rover Range Rover Vogue SE, Land Rover Range Rover Vogue, Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2012, Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar F-TYPE Diesel, Jaguar F-TYPE Petrol, Jaguar XE, Jaguar XJ Petrol, Jaguar XJ Diesel, Jaguar XF Diesel, Jaguar XF Petrol, BMW 7 Series 745Le xDrive, BMW 3 Series GT Diesel, BMW 3 Series GT Petrol, BMW 3 Series 330i, BMW 6 Series GT 630d, BMW 6 Series GT 620d, BMW 6 Series GT 630i, BMW 5 Series 530i, BMW Z4 M40i, BMW M2 Competition, BMW M5 Competition, BMW X7 xDrive30d, BMW X7 xDrive40i, BMW X4 xDrive30d, BMW X4 xDrive20d, BMW X5 xDrive40i, BMW X3 xDrive20d, BMW X5 xDrive30d, BMW 5 Series 520i Petrol, BMW 5 Series 520d Diesel, BMW 6 Series 640d Diesel, BMW 6 Series 650i Petrol, BMW 3-Series 320d Diesel, BMW 3 Series 325i Petrol, BMW 5 Series 535i Petrol, BMW 5 Series 523i Petrol, BMW 5 Series 525d Diesel, BMW 5 Series 530d Diesel, BMW 7 Series 750Li Petrol, BMW 7 Series 740Li Petrol, BMW 7 Series 730Ld Diesel, BMW 7 Series M 760Li xDrive, Audi A4 Petrol, Audi A4 Diesel, Audi Q7 Diesel, Audi A8 L Diesel, Audi A6 Diesel, Audi Q7 Petrol , Audi Q3 Quattro Diesel, Audi Q5 Petrol, Audi A6 Petrol, Audi A8 L Petrol, Audi Q7 3.0 Diesel , Audi Q5 Quattro Diesel,AUDI A3 (P&D),AUDI A4 (D&P),AUDI A5 (D),AUDI A6 (P&D),AUDI A8 L (P&D),AUDI RS 5 (P),AUDI RS 7 (P),AUDI S5 (P),BMW 3 Series (P&D),BMW 5 Series (P&D),BMW 6 Series (P&D),BMW 7 Series (P&D),BMW GT 3 Series (P&D),BMW M2 (P),BMW M5 (P),AUDI SUV Q3 (P),AUDI BMW SUV Q5 (P&D),AUDI BMW SUV Q7 (P&D),BMW SUV X4 (D),BMW SUV X5 (P&D),BMW SUV X7 (P&D),JAGUAR SUV F- Pace (D),JAGUAR SUV F-Type (P & D),JAGUAR SUV XE (P & D),JAGUAR SUV XF (P &D),JAGUAR SUV XJ(P&D),FORCE TRAX (Ac/non AC) Diesel - 2019,MERCEDES BENZ ‘C’ Class , MERCEDES BENZ 'E' Class ,MERCEDES BENZ 'S' Class ,MERCEDES BENZ ‘GL’ Class, MERCEDES BENZ 'M' Class, MERCEDES BENZ 'R' Class, MERCEDES BENZ 'SLS' Class, MERCEDES BENZ G Class,PORCHE 911 Carrera(P),PORCHE Cayenne (P),PORCHE GT2 (P),PORCHE Turbo (D),VOLVO XC 60 D5 (2013)(D)

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